Blind Spot #2 : News you can’t use

Kannur university to start 8 year b-tech course


The University of Kannur have decided to start 8 year long B-tech courses from next academic year onwards. Currently all the B-Tech courses in India have a 4 year 8 semester schema . A spokesman for the University explained that the new course schedule is tailor made for the colleges in the region. “ Currently our colleges have a 4 year course . But with a strike or harthal on every fortnight or so , it has become impossible to complete the exams , not to mention about the classes. Rescheduling of the rescheduled exams is not an uncommon thing here . So we decided to have an eight year long course , so that all the exams could be completed within those years , including rescheduled ones. But it is unclear how the colleges are going to accept it . But many private colleges have accepted the proposal and are said to be working on the fee structures to be imposed on the students .

mobile phone operators to introduce new ‘jail pack’  in Kerala


TFP have learned that the mobile operators in Kerala are about to introduce prisoner specific sim cards soon . “With the growing number of mobile phone users in the prison , we don’t want to lose our market domain in that growing sector”, says the marketing head of a major telecom operator. The features of the plan includes free incoming for the lifetime and night time calls and sms at reduced rates. Smart phone users can make use of the high speed internet packs to access Facebook and upload the photos within the jail premises. Also the operators are planning to start recharge points within the jail premises .The Prison department of Kerala welcomed the move and hopes that it will create additional revenue from the sale of recharge coupons and value added services , besides the sale of chapathis and idlis .

interstate buses proved the existence of worm hole and made time travel possible


A private bus operator last week gave the proof for the time travel that was thought to be a myth by the modern science. Sukesh Kollada Group operated bus bound to Trivandrum from Bangalore last Friday night gave the shocking news to the scientists. Ever since the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department strictly implemented the speed governors on all the buses running in the state , the maximum speed that could be attained is 60 KMPH . But Sukesh Kollada’s Volvo Multi Axle bus covered the distance between Palakkad to Trivandrum , in a whooping 5 and a half  hours. This feat is said to be attained by entering a worm hole somewhere between Trissur and Ernakulum . But this is not the first time this has happened . Several vehicles have reported , especially the inter state bus operators, the existence of many worm holes in the highway. For those who don’t know what a worm hole is , let me give a brief idea. Some scientists believes that time , as we know , is not a linear entity . The time tends to warp in some points in the space and these points are called worm holes. By entering worm holes we can travel in very high speeds and can even travel back and forth in the time . With this marvelous achievement , the Kollada group have joined the elite club of Aliens and some nerds who believe in the time travel concept. State operator KSRTC have already approached the Kollada group asking about the whereabouts of the wormhole


TFP reports : the week that wasn’t

media uncovered 5 crore scam in Kerala , tihar jail mates hospitalized


Media in Kerala last week uncovered a mining scam of Rs 5 crore involving the previous industrial minister. The news was a huge relief for the media , as they were hunting for a bite ever since the solar scams were getting settled , and they celebrated in style with non stop news cast and minute by minute updates and breaking news like “ HUGE SCAM UNCOVERED !” . TFP sources says some of Tihar mates , who happened to see the reports were taken to the hospital.Sources identifies the victims as some raja and one Mr.Suresh . Sources , on the condition of anonymity , explained to TFP that the victims were shocked to hear about the magnitude of the scam and fell unconscious. There were also reports of wide spread uneasiness through out the jail . It could be noted that the more damages have been reported from the Z category of the Tihar jail . Z category is the elite group of inmates who were convicted for the scams more than Rs.500 crore or more . 

engineering college student sues media


An engineering student of a lovely university have sued the media against using abbreviations . Explains the student “ It was very easy to get a result from the internet using certain keywords . But with the media started making abbreviations for various leaders and parties , searching stuffs are very taunting task. “ . The victim further explained the severity of the situation using a demo to our reporter with the keyword mms .  “ Earlier you hit the word mms , you will be loaded with the stuff you needed , but now what I get is some videos of an elderly man wearing a blue turban and the most irritating thing is that most of the videos are silent or in some other cases just theek hai  .I don’t understand this . “ . Besides filing a case for the improper and misguided content ,he is  planning to take this matter seriously and have already started his campaign on Facebook , which has gone viral . 11 out of his 93 friends have joined the cause and more are expected to join in.

In a related news , the Pak Taliban has issued a fatwa on the Indian porn websites over the purported attempt by the sites to malign Pakistan. A spokesman from the banned terrorist organization addressed the media from a secret hideout just outside the army campus in Islamabad , “ This is a serious issue. They are trying to insult us by showing such videos. They are trying to trash the image of the country .” . He further explains “ Almost all of the videos from Pakistan are shown on bad light. Either the quality is very bad or there is no audio. This is done purposefully to show that we cannot afford good quality phones and we still use those VGA camera phones” .  The commander rolled out the future plans to counteract the void created by the ban . “ We are committed for a better Pakistan and hence we have decide to start our own websites. We have a wide network through out the world and hence source for a video won’t be an issue” . The news have created haywire among the Indian porn site owners .

man fell unconscious in police station after being offered a chair


In another news from Kerala , a man fell unconscious in Police Station in Trivandrum .  Gopinath Pilla (63) was admitted to a clinic , as he fell down on the floor , but was later discharged after an hour . The incident happened yesterday afternoon , when Mr.Gopinath went to the Police Station to file a petition against the road encroachment. “ I reached the station at around 2 in the afternoon . I asked the guard whether the Inspector is there or not . He said please get inside sir , inspector will come very soon “. “I felt very awkward and enter the station. A civil police officer (erstwhile constable) told me sir please sit down . I started feeling dizzy . A minute later the inspector came and seeing me standing asked me to sit down and ordered for a tea for me .” . “ That was the last thing I remember. When I woke up I was in the clinic “ . When contacted the Inspector declined the news to TFP